Null Forge
Dusted Decks®


His passion for eletronic,stream-generated sounds and sound waves bagan in his early childhood. The sounds fascinate him until today from the head to the toenails in an irresistible, magic spell. His style is something between stompin squeaky music, hard techno, brighton and industrial hardcore. Finding straight lines in his sets is unavailing. He loves to mix different genres, which do not really fit together for some ear canals, but ultimately do. If you want to pigeon-hole him, you will recognize that his own genre must be built for him. His sets are always good for a surprise and bring the crowd to the wonder. After several releases in the last years and his innovative Album "Remember My Name", it was only a matter of time that more people were attracted by him. Lots of partys followed, true to the motto “ Keep on Banging”