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Vanessa Sukowski

Meszmerizing lighthearted performances and a literally unique techno style already brought this Whirlwind to various stations like "Die Rakete" Club Nuremberg, former Club "Madalena" Berlin as well as to the Mainstage of some of the biggest festivals in Germany, such as "Sonne Mond Sterne" (SMS). Nationally, as well as more and more international stages are becoming her natural habitat. Playing several gigs in Switzerland and France clearly show where her journey is heading. She has already played alongside the biggest names in the industry: Ellen Allien, Felix Kröcher, Monika Kruse, Dr. Motte, Pascal Feos, Torsten Kanzler, Frank Lorber, Marika Rossa - just to name a few. But the most meaningful and memorable gigs, she says, she was playing on a Truck at a Berlin Techno Parade named "Zug der Liebe" (German for “Trail of Love”) right in the middle of 20.000 Ravers for a non-profit and charitable demonstration through the centre of Berlin. Her sound: old-school and futuristic at the same time. By combining the natural beauty of raw and banging Techno music and her weakness to reimagine 90's acid & techno classics she lifts her sets to another level. With an enthusiastic digging for records to satisfy her curiosity, she sets high demands to her sets. The result: pulsating, unique and timeless techno from stripping back to the 90's right about the present up to the future - a well picked and unique track selection with maximum dancefloor impact. With her first EP released on Great Stuff - a label which made a huge influence upon the scene of electronic music worldwide and previous remixes for various artists she is striving to move forward. Vanessa is determined to take even bigger chances and go deeper into the sonic spectrum of Techno music. After working hard in music and many other areas of creative expression, she is constantly in motion, but also very close to her community in a very down-to-earth and charming way. Not, in the last place, with the creation of Vlogs, which invites her followers to participate in some exciting weekend trips. To get and stay in touch with her audience is very important to her. It’s simply an unusual combination of a heartwarming personality and this rough, explosive sound. Vanessa is increasing her influence in the scene and has already become a serious and independent artist. With the latest Collab she is expanding her network as the female force for the collective and event series "Shameless". They're running their "Episodes" at well known club "ARM" in Kassel (Germany) which was also home of former Club Stammheim - one of Germany's most historically important nightclubs. With a constantly growing Community in the back and her intention to never settle she combines the best credentials for a rising artist in techno music. Musically fearless, above and beyond the norm. So, close your eyes, open your ears and be part of her journey.

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